Lace Nano



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Lightest rotary tattoo machine 

  • Simple, clean and efficient new age tattoo machine 
  • 100% maintenance free 
  • Fully autoclavable (including the motor) 
  • Lightest tattoo machine on the market (46g) 
  • Ergonomic holding position with both liner and magnum needles


  • 1 x LACEnano rotary tattoo machine 
  • 1 x LACEnano power supply 
  • 1 x Wall-wart adapter with EU, UK and USA electric plugs (you get all three) 
  • 1 x LACEnano power cable 
  • 1 x Aluminum flight case with custom foam insert to store all of the above

This being a magnetic drive machine, it will not work well with cartridge needles!

Unlimited Adjustability 

The stroke is infinitely adjustable between 06mm. The give is also infinitely adjustable from rock hard to soft as a feather. You can adjust both in 2 seconds with your thumb with gloves on, while tattooing; no more buying and changing expensive cams. 

No Maintenance 

There is no need to lubricate any part of the LACEnano tattoo machine. And when you need to clean it, you can just throw the whole thing, motor and all, into the autoclave. No dis-assembly or anything, how about that.

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